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Create Online Applications for CARES Act Loans

SeamlessDocs can help you create online processes for any forms or documents related to CARES Act funding, including online loan assistance applications, with eSignature workflow and attachments.

In most cases we can have these ready for use by the public in less than 48 hours.

How Can SeamlessDocs Help?

Someone on our team will follow-up to learn how we can help your department get some quick wins.

Do you have concerns regarding the collection of paper-based CARES Assistance applications?

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act will distribute $150 billion in federal aid to state and local governments. Municipalities must now decide which businesses are qualified to receive that aid.

If your economic development team is working on ways to disburse money, creating online forms can make your processes even more efficient.

In working with hundreds of government agencies to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen firsthand how important it is to make forms and services available online, so that citizens and employees can get the support they need.

This video shows you how easy it is to build an online form in SeamlessDocs.


Say Goodbye To Paper

SeamlessDocs makes it easy to digitally collect form submissions and data. In addition to COVID-19 related forms, everyday forms like Business License Applications, FOIA Records Requests, and even Employee Time Tracker Sheets can all be converted with workflows for approvals and data storage to ensure it's "business as usual."
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Form Examples—COVID-19 Assistance Forms

As many municipalities look to reopen in a measured way and help local businesses get back on their feet, we’ve helped municipalities build various online documents (an eligibility checklist, a loan assistance application form, etc.) that governments can use to make processes easier for citizens and staff.

Here are a few examples.

Super Simple Form Conversion

In the SeamlessDocs dashboard, you simply drag and drop existing PDFs to convert them into interactive and ADA compliant online forms.

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SeamlessDocs Document Builder
An animated image that shows how to build a workflow in SeamlessDocs.

Approvals, Workflows and More

SeamlessDocs provides approvals and workflow functionality built in, and can integrate with any backend system you choose. This makes it easy for your department to correspond with citizens, vendors, and staff.

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Backend Management in One Place

Within SeamlessDocs you can view and manage all form submissions. This makes it easy to track the process of a particular form or packet, assign them to colleagues, and even add a message when sending for approvals. You only need one login to see all submissions and activity for your department.

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Which Process Will You Transform First?

With SeamlessDocs, a form or application process can be transformed into an online experience in as little as 30 minutes.
Step 1: Upload

Upload forms through the intuitive platform

Step 2: Convert & Customize

Watch our software detect and create form fields automatically

Step 3: Publish

Receive instant web links — no IT or development needed!

Step 4: Implement

Prevent user confusion with custom pop-up instructions

Step 5: Provide Beautiful Service Online

Integrate eSignatures, payment portals, and attachments

Step 6: Share With Your Citizens and Staff

Receive beautiful and complete submissions every time!