What does it take to digitize more than 600 PDFs citywide?

In 2017, the City of Sacramento embarked on a project to digitize paper-based forms. At that time, the average time to process these paper-based forms was at least seven days. Greg Western, the city's web administrator knew there had to be a better way

Greg's team lead the charge to find a solution that would make form submissions easier for citizens while also reducing the workload for the other city employees and departments. In this webinar, Greg will talk at length about:

  • the solutions they considered,
  • the system they used to fulfill form requests from 13 different departments,
  • the process of integrating an end-to-end online services platforms, and 
  • the results they've seen. 

Greg will be taking questions from the audience, some come ready to participate in the discussion!

Sacramento City Hall Building 2

What Will You Learn:

  • What prompted Sacramento to start researching new options for its online services
  • What the process was like, converting printable forms to online forms
  • What return they've seen since digitizing their forms and document management system
  • How Sacramento adds new forms to its new online services system
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